Wildlife Tours

The Indian sub-continent houses a magnificent array of wildlife - more than 500 species of mammals, including tiger, leopard, one-horned rhino, Indian gaur (bison), wild elephant and many varieties of deer. More than 2000 species of birds inhabit its forests and jungles.

Ranthambhor National Park:
410 km of desert ecology speckled with dhok, ronj, salai, ber and palm trees boast some of the best wildlife sightings Asia has to offer.Three major lakes serve as watering holes for the herbivorous and carnivorous creatures that inhabit this national park studded as it is with Rajput pavilions and palaces and the imposing Ranthambhor fort. Among the animals, birds, reptiles that can be spotted in Ranthambhor are the tiger, the leopard, sambar, blue bull, chital, chinkara, hyena, jackal, fox, caracal, jungle cat, ratel, sloth bear, langur and wild boar.

Bandhavgarh National Park:
Situated in central India with an area of 365 sq. kms Bandhavgarh has been the centre of human activity for over 2000 years. Extensively rich in its flora and fauna the forest is covered by sal trees. Carnivorous species like the mighty tiger, elusive leopards, caracals, wild dogs and jungle cats rule the forest with other species of herbivores like gaurs, sloth bears, macaques, various species of deer family like sambar, chital, muntjac, antelope species like nilgai, chinkara, chausingha and supported with scavenger species like jackal, hyenas etc.
Corbett National Park:
Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas a 125 square-mile sal forest preserve, famed as tiger country.

Sariska is set among valleys, hills and deep forests that change colour with the seasons. It is home to an exotic variety of wild animals and beautiful birds. Here, herds of spotted deer, play hide and seek with the shadows. And the big wild cats, the tiger, leopards and panthers roam free. 

The Project Tiger Reserve

Sariska Tiger Reserve is situated in the Aravali hill range, and is located in the district of Alwar, Rajasthan. Sariska is in the semi - arid part of Rajasthan The tract is mainly hilly and undulating and has numerous narrow valleys, two large plateaus: Kriaska and Kankwari, and two lakes: Mansarover and Somasagar. Silisad Lake is situated along the north-eastern boundary of the reserve. The total area of the reserve is 800 sq. km, of which 30.2 sq. km is a buffer zone and 497.8 sq. km is the core zone.
The Sariska Sanctuary is a Project Tiger Reserve with a rich wealth of fauna which includes mainly the leopard, tiger, several species of deer, porcupine, etc. It is also home to an exotic variety of birds. Dotting the Sariska valley are facinating ruins which merge with the landscape and tell tales of history, myth and legend to the traveler.